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 on: 2013 Apr 19, 06:12:19 am 
Started by MarMatthias - Last post by MarMatthias
Hi all,

After a very long and unwelcomed hiatus, I am fully back in the saddle.  This last year has had its toll on my wife and I as it has with many others in the Unites States and around the world.  Between health issues, having to close a twenty-one year old business, and keeping AFTR going, time has flown beyond words.  I've had to sacrifice two personal blogs as well, but AFTR still remains strong.

The AFTR widget is receiving 20,000+ hits a day and showing very good results on the quality of traffic.  The AFTR web directory now has over 120,000 blogs in it and hasn't stopped growing...

With the dust settling, expect to see me more.  Smiley

 on: 2012 Mar 12, 04:24:20 pm 
Started by jeffvelmonte - Last post by EdZee
Welcome to AFTR Bloggers' Forum, Jeff.

Just want to say that while this site is already 3 years old, it was not intended for bloggers' discussion for most of its existence. Originally known as I-Cafe Forum, this site existed mainly for discussions among i-cafe owners. We had just recently decided to convert site to a bloggers' forum when yours truly decided to lay low in my advocacy job for the i-cafe industry but continue my blogging on other matters.

As the Forum Administrator, I had to tune this site to blogging by deleting topics about i-cafe business and leave only those about blogging. As such, you would find some old blogging topics that I had in my aim to convince i-cafe owners to go blogging on their free time.

Just like any forum, we will grow according to how active we will be in discussing our concerns about blogging on this site. I personally understand that there are other venues where such discussions are happening. We can only hope that our fellow bloggers would come here and participate in any topics of interest to them.

Again, welcome and we hope that you will enjoy your stay in our forum.

 on: 2012 Mar 09, 08:40:19 am 
Started by EdZee - Last post by jeffvelmonte
Does it take time to blog?
Yup but not too much.
I can typically make a post in 15 minutes.

Is it expensive?
No. You can start free.

But I don't know how to do it?
Use Google and ask google. It can give you all the answers.

Who can help me?
Just visit this forum. Mr Edz can help. And there are many blogs that could be a great resource for bloggers.

Tara na!

 on: 2012 Mar 09, 08:37:33 am 
Started by EdZee - Last post by jeffvelmonte
You can try creating a blogger site.
Just post short articles daily. It doesn't need to be long.
Revolve the articles in one topic only.

And if you enjoy it, welcome to the blogging world.

You could also visit
It is a great resource for bloggers.

 on: 2012 Mar 09, 08:32:59 am 
Started by EdZee - Last post by jeffvelmonte
And on the technical side...
You can add a forum to a blog but you can't add a blog inside the forum.

Joining a forum is like attending a classroom. You learn a lot but you don't own the school. And it takes some level of expertise.

Starting a blog is like making a school. You are the teacher. You have readers. You can invite guest bloggers (co-teachers). And since you own the school, you can make you own money teaching people. Smiley

 on: 2012 Mar 09, 08:29:49 am 
Started by EdZee - Last post by jeffvelmonte
Blogging is fun. No doubt about it.
And you don't need to be a super expert.
You just need to blog on something that you have some previous experience.
Nice post Mr. Edz.

 on: 2012 Mar 09, 08:27:10 am 
Started by EdZee - Last post by jeffvelmonte
English is best way to go.

First, the world becomes your audience since after Mandarin it is the most spoken language.

Second, buying power. No one can deny that the readers in other country has more buying power than the readers from our beloved Philippines. They can shell out as much as $100 on a valuable ebook without sweating it out.


 on: 2012 Mar 09, 08:20:34 am 
Started by EdZee - Last post by jeffvelmonte
Hi Mr Edzee,

This is great.
Just to add some ideas on the table.

The best place to start blogging is to use free platforms.
Blogger is I believe the best one since it is so easy to configure.
You can have literally a website in a matter of minutes.

With that free blog, you can learn SEO, keyword research, research for the topic, backlinking, etc..

Once you get a grip of the basic and see some dollars in your adsense account, you might consider owning your own webshosting account.


Because blogger can shut down anytime and there goes all your efforts. Say goodbye.

But if you own your own webhost, you make the rules.
If you see blogging as a way of earning some money, definitely buying your own webhost is the way to go.

But first, it is important to learn the basics using those free websites.

 on: 2012 Mar 09, 08:13:54 am 
Started by jeffvelmonte - Last post by jeffvelmonte
Hi I'm Jeff,

I have a new website
I have been into internet blogging since 2008. Smiley

I was intentionally looking for a Pinoy Bloggers Forum and that search lead me to Edzee Log. Net.

Thank Mr. Edzee for this one.

I know that there are so many pinoy bloggers and the key to become better is to group ourselves and learn from one another.


 on: 2012 Feb 21, 08:45:39 pm 
Started by MarMatthias - Last post by MarMatthias

Ever wanted to know what a web spider from Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine see?  There is a finally an easy way to see the true details of your web page:


This new tool will show you the following:

1. Your meta tags

2. What your web page looks like in a text browser

3. What your web page looks like to a search engine spider

4. The keyword density of the web page

This information is vital for correcting simple mistakes and optimizing your web page to get the best listing possible.  Check it out and find out if your page will look good to a search engine.

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