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Author Topic: “Protecting the Child Online” - ECPAT Conference  (Read 10300 times)
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2009 Feb 09, 03:00:40 pm
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when I was young

« on: 2009 Feb 09, 03:00:40 pm »

NOTE: This message was sent by Mr. Gener Morada of Internet Cafe association of Imus, Inc.

I have just received an invitation from ECPAT Philippines for their “Protecting the Child Online” Luzon Conference this coming March 10, 2009 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Bayview Hotel, Roxas Blvd. Participants would be the Internet Service Providers, National and Local Government agencies and the Internet Cafe Operators from Manila and the nearby provinces.

This one is Free.

They have alloted 50 for the internet cafe owners in this activity.

If you are interested please send the following information to

Name of Owner:
Name of Internet Cafe:
Land Line No:
Mobile No:
Email Address:

You would be receiving a formal email of invitation to attend the said function.

More About ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) - has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC):

Child pornography exploits children in many different ways. Children may be deceived, tricked or coerced into engaging in sexual acts for the production of pornography. Abuse images may also be made in the process of sexually exploiting a child without the child’s knowledge. These images are then stored, distributed, sold or traded with others. Those who ‘consume’ pornographic images of children perpetuate the exploitation of children by creating a demand for more images. The makers of child pornography often use their products to coerce, intimidate or blackmail children used in the making of such material, while others, who gain access to those images, may then use them to desensitize and groom other children for abuse.

ECPAT works to ensure that the benefits of the Internet and new technologies are not compromised by those that seek to use it for the sexual exploitation of children. ECPAT works with governments, law enforcement, the technology industry and other NGOs to develop protocols for reporting and responding to such crimes, through awareness and education, reporting hotlines and other measures to help identify and assist the child victims. It also advocates and works for development of comprehensive national child pornography laws to protect children.

The growth of the Internet is creating more commercial opportunities for child exploiters and pornographers and the rapid development of new technologies are facilitating the development and reach of distribution networks. ECPAT seeks to develop positive cooperative relationships with ISPs and the information technology industries in order to find answers to the problems concerning the sexual exploitation of children, including the making, transmission, accessing and downloading of child pornography via Internet and other technologies. ECPAT encourages ISPs to develop codes of conduct, to include child-friendly information on their sites and to give all possible support to law enforcement agencies to prevent the criminal use of the information technologies by those seeking to exploit children.

Please visit ECPAT's website at:

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2009 Feb 22, 06:14:24 pm
« Reply #1 on: 2009 Feb 22, 06:14:24 pm »

Eto na po ang schedule of activities para po sa
Making Cyberspace Safe for Children
March 10, 2009
Bayview Plaza Hotel

TIME    Time Allocation    DESCRIPTION
08:00 – 09:00    60 minutes    Registration
09:00 – 09:05    05 minutes    Opening Ceremony

  National Anthem  - - -   Invocation

09:05 – 09:15    10 minutes    Welcome Remarks
    Amihan Abueva
    President, ECPAT Philippines
09:15 – 09:25    10 minutes    Message and Introduction of Keynote Speaker
    Usec. Virtus V. Gil
    National Cyber Security Coordinator

09:25 – 09:35    10 minutes    Keynote Speaker
    Secretary Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua III
    Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT)

09:35 – 09:45    10 minutes    Keynote Speaker
    Vanessa J. Tobin
    Country Representative
    UNICEF Manila

9:45 – 9:50    05 minutes    Conference Rationale
    ECPAT Philippines

          Working AM SNACKS

09:50 – 10:20    30 minutes    Situationer & WC III Follow Throughs
    Dolores SD. Alforte
    Executive Director
    ECPAT Philippines

10:20 – 10:50    30 minutes    Cases of Cyber Crimes Involving/Affecting Children
    PNP or NBI

10:50 – 11:20    30 minutes    Legislative Efforts
    Sen. Jamby Madrigal    (anti-child pornography bill)

11:20 – 11:50    30 minutes    
      Rep. Monica Prieto-Teodoro (anti-cyber crime)

11:50 – 12:00    10 minutes    Open Forum

12:00 – 01:30    1 hour and 30 minutes    LUNCH

Video Showing: The Probe on Make IT Safe campaign

01:30 – 01:40    10 minutes    Presentation
     Children’s Call to Action

01:40 – 01:45    05 minutes    Introduction: Parallel Workshop

01:45 – 02:15    30 minutes    Workshop 1 - Internet Café Owners (The Code of Conduct)
     Workshop 2 - ICT Stakeholders

02:15– 02:45    30 minutes
        (15 minutes each)
   Plenary 1: Presentation and Adoption of the Code of Conduct
        Plenary 2: Presentation: ICT Call to Action

          Working PM SNACKS

02:45 – 03:15    30 minutes    Photo Session

03:15 – 03:35    20 minutes
       (10 minutes each)
   Best Practice

       Bitstop  (ISP)

       Marikina (Café)

03:35 – 04:30    55 minutes    Technical Solutions

    Sponsor1 - Intel



04:30 –         Closing

revised 1.1
jo. 02.19.2009

it would be a good way for the internet cafes to network with our government leaders so that they would be able to understand the problems we are facing.

samahan nyo po kami sa magandang adhikain na ito di lamang po para sa ating sarilli kung hindi para na rin sa ating mga kabataan.

salamat po
« Last Edit: 2009 Mar 13, 09:26:05 am by edzee » Logged
2009 Mar 12, 11:36:47 pm
« Reply #2 on: 2009 Mar 12, 11:36:47 pm »

the conference was quite informative. although mas ok pa siguro kung naging round table na lang ginawa nila.

parang nag report lang kasi sila ng mga nagawa na, but there was little chance to discuss on how to further protect the children.

anyway, this is not the last time we'll get invited. the next time, sana mas madaming ICAM members ang makadalo. it's the least we can do for the kids who makes up a large percentage of our customers.

Lisa, Riza, and me

ECPAT attendees and presentors

« Last Edit: 2009 Mar 17, 10:17:53 am by edzee » Logged
2009 Mar 17, 01:20:05 am
« Reply #3 on: 2009 Mar 17, 01:20:05 am »

wow bien!!!! kita ko na yung pictures nyo!!!

photogenic ka pala bro!

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